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  • Jeff Fuchs

Ayni – Reciprocity. The Third Installment of our Andean Journeys along the Inca Road

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The Llama’s ass, tea leaves, and a mountain where the Royal Incas came for guidance from the still-reverent spirit world. Our last installment (here) of the ‘In from the Outpost’ (on tea’ journeys through the Andean world. Pariaqaqa, a mountain that bowed all mortals in reverence features. A team full of passion for the skies, for the stories and for the leaves is to be thanked. The journey transverses so much more than simple national  borders and demarcations. It is a fluid and efficient set of routes that striated, wandered and then veered back into one another. Conceptually, the whole journey inevitably leads back to that stunning living concept, Ayni, or ‘reciprocity’. A term for the times!

Moving along with the Llamas towards Pariaqaqa


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