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  • Jeff Fuchs

Episode 2 - 'It's a Beautiful World with Jeff Fuchs' is now out on Amazon Prime

Our latest episode is now up and alive on Amazon Prime. The brilliant and embedded team at Global Heroes has been at it in the editing suites and our latest journey to Guatemala (tea fuelled as always) is now out.

Guatemala will be a multi-episode experience which will focus, as we do, upon the little stories and understated organizations and individuals who simply do the deeds to assist and support others, the land, and the precious stewarding of culture.

As with our intention, we try to honour a bit of legitimate food, some of the deeper layers of histrionics, and the vital aspect of time spent listening.

This first episode includes Chef Mirciny Moliviatis and her rampant energy opening up and encouraging some chilly and cuisine experiences in real time...the chilly actually had us delay our filming entirely due to its less than subtle intensity when it hit my palate. We also get time with the elegant restorer and reader of the Mayan world, Francisco Estrada-Belli who led us into the tombs of history at Holmul; and Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes welcomed us into his version of what education could be for youth and children alike at the incredible El Patojismo.

Honoured to have had the time and shared breaths and food with these wonderful characters and experience their efforts.


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