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Expedition Preparation in Hong Kong – The Route of Wind and Wool

With Hong Kong’s torrents coming down and heat coming off of every surface, it seems strange to be packing down jackets, crampons, gloves, and kit for the mountains (though tea will not seem a strange addition to any). With the speed of Hong Kong, the engines, and lines and modern swank, it is an oddly welcome feeling to be preparing to hop into the mountains where winds, memories, and spires still hold sway.

Greens, rain, and Hong Kong’s heat and generosity host our preparations.

We’ll have to be as autonomous as possible which brings with it the magic of having all we need on our backs (and the necessary backs of others). No electricity for up to three weeks means we’ll be using solar power to charge up gear – and that’s assuming there actually will be a sun to harness. We’ll be using the brilliant durable GoalZero ‘Sherpa 50‘ portable solar power kit, along with panels which is the only way to ensure power up there in those heights.

GoalZero’s mighty – and brilliantly portable – ‘Sherpa 50’ portable solar kit.

Michael and I will now be sorting out the ‘what to brings’. Teas have been selected: A Zhang Lang unfermented Puerh and a mild Jing Mai fermented Puerh from Jalamteas will accompany a partial cake of Lao Banzhang of mine to ‘enhance’ our journey.

Michael in full flight skirting around kit on the floor. Gear will be sorted and resorted.

Michael has already done a series of edits of clothing, medicines, and necessaries. My own gear is generously spread out over good friends’ Rosy and Andy’s floor (a thank you for turning your eyes away while I throw colourful kit around with glee).

My version of the “what”? look.

Only few short days – but thankfully many many sips of tea – left before departure.

A stunning array of colours that The North Face has sent on. They want – I suspect – to ensure I can be found and with these colours I will be a veritable beacon.

All of our kit will be transported by bodies – both two and four-legged varieties – and we’ll be slurping away at my own stock of teas as well as our guides’ who will be preparing their own blends of potent ‘chai’ – loaded with spices, and sugar.

One of our prime fuels on this journey will be Tea. “There is never not a prime time for tea”.

More preparation updates to follow shortly.

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