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Expedition – The Glacier’s Breath

Glacier water sluices down near the Changtang region of the Himalayas

Preparing to head back into the precious Himalayas of Ladakh for a month of living atop two glaciers to see what the great bodies of ice are up to.

Moraine and stone on the Bara Shigri glacier in Himachal Pradesh.

It is part of an initiative not simply to ‘explore’ and discover but rather observe, document and bring back a tangible view of a glacier’s life – day and night. ‘Impact Exploration’ with a goal to bring back a world of ice and impact upon those whose homes and lives lie so far away from the great bodies of ice.

Fresh glacier water coming off the the Parang Pass

This ascent and living with the glaciers is part of an “Impact Initiative” to not impact upon but rather be impacted and transfer that impact back to into classrooms, minds, offices, and into the consciences far from where these precious holders of water reside.

Journeys to and onto glaciers and mountains are the first and last steps.

Upon this journey I’ll have along with me – amongst others – someone intensely concerned with the world of water. For her this journey will make tangible the nests of fresh water that the mountains hold and to see first hand how the mountain people related to this most precious commodity of life.

Good teams are nothing less than everything on any journey into the mountains

Huge thanks once again to The North Face for sponsoring, for Goal Zero for supplying solar panels and batteries so that this expedition remains an autonomous journey fuelled by the sun…and a lot of tea. Thanks too to Kora yak wool base layers for keeping the body temperatures nice and comfy day an night.

Some of the ‘family’ that needs to be on this journey.

To begin any expedition though, one must first ascend and nothing can happen without a superb team. Up we go. Updates to follow.

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