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  • Jeff Fuchs

Expedition Update - Departures

The concept of a ‘departure' has all changed since Sebastian’s arrival into our little orbit.

Now a departure isn’t simply an exciting bit of stimulant rip…now it is thing tinged with a bit of regret knowing he won’t join on this first journey back to the Himalayas since he arrived.

He feels something is up and doesn’t like the little mound of gear and bags that has been sitting on our floor for days now.

The journey will follow another trade route(s), this one part of a meandering pathway in the north of Nepal through Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo. Like so many of these 'pathways through the sky', its story is a part of something wider and broader as these routes operated as thin-aired conduits of trade and commerce, migration, and other worlds.

The tea is ready, the pots are ready, and the hope is that he will in time join me on these journeys.

Thanks for the indomitable energy that is Julie Rogers for the unsaid permission to go back into the mountains and for watching over our son...and convincing him I'm returning.

Tea fuelled updates to follow


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