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  • Jeff Fuchs

Expedition Update: ‘kora’ 100% Yak Wool Performance Baselayers joins as sponsor


Our expedition of ‘Wind and Wool’ will proudly and happily be encased in the Himalayas’ own yak wool on this journey thanks to kora. Under my North Face shells, and fleeces a snug himalayan sourced yak wool baselayer will be keeping the warmth levels ‘up’, smell levels ‘down’, and a stream of air free-flowing.

Thawing yak wool near Gold Pass

Thawing out…in yak wool near Gold Pass

Fitting that what will be against our skin is a fabric that is from the very mountains we will pass through. An ageless source of wool for the Himalayas’ original inhabitants. Time   tested with a modern spin, I’ve been testing for kora for over a year and on my latest ascent of northwest Yunnan’s ‘Gold Pass’ my kora yak wool base-layer endured temperatures that varied from -15 Celsius at 4,000 metres to almost 30 degrees Celsius within a 24 hour period. It is one of the fabrics of the future…ironically that has been around for a millennium.


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