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  • Jeff Fuchs

Himalayas’ Words – The Wolf aka, ‘The Old Master’

“Wolves are what we (nomads) fear most. They know us well and though I fear them, they are important for the land. They know how to wait and they know when to strike. My mother used to call them the “old masters”. Words from a Himalayan nomad about the ‘old master’, the wolf. The Himalayas’ health, her people, and her stories are of vital importance to the greater world around her.

Tangible bit of language about a nomad’s recall of the great hunters of the mountains, the wolf (njun’kè in eastern Tibet). This nomad became serious when recalling the wolves’ abilities and importance within the great mountains. Hopefully we won’t lose these colourful anecdotes of life and relationships. As the nomads often say, “first one has to listen”.


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