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  • Jeff Fuchs

International Tea Day, May 21st – Conversation on Youtube Live

Nice bit of recognition for the leaf as this coming May 21st has been officially designated as International Tea Day…though for many of us, we could simply call most days “International Tea Time”.

If interested, please join in some leaf-fuelled chat on May 21st (International Tea Day) on Youtube live at 17:30 EST. I’ll be sipping and chatting all things Puerh. It is part of an all-day streaming event honouring tea and its people from around the world. This ‘Sofa Summit’ will air for the entire day in every single time-zone with sippers, growers, and sellers from around the world. Bit of tea raging never goes astray! Link follows for the Youtube live feed is here.

Line of contributing chatters and sippers is here:


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