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  • Jeff Fuchs

"It's a Beautiful World...with Jeff Fuchs", Episode l, is now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK

At last. My collaboration with the wonderful crew of creatives at Global Heroes, "It's a Beautiful World" is now up and 'watchable' on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Link here for the trailer and airing information.

The first episode is based around that grand swath of life, the Amazon, and the surrounding world of green and the vital people that reside 'with' it.

Nothing happens without some little bits of fortune, some huge bits of commitment, and some stories of those that simply restore. This first episode is about those that relentlessly restore, heal, and immerse. It is about the often understated people who simply 'do'.

Will be updating as to where and when the airings will take place.

For now, big thanks to those wonderful hearts and minds that took part in this production.


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