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  • Jeff Fuchs

Outdoor Immersion – With Tea

Few things and few times give as much joy as being able to open up the Natural world for youth – better yet with tea and mountains. In this case, the mountains are a wee bit of a distance away.

Immersion is tangible…no theories or words. They are for much later.

Proud to be hosting the energy bundle that is The Change Academy from across Japan and Honolulu to here on the Big Island and our little patch. Firing up the pizza oven, digging Turmeric and living close in tents, it’s all about outdoors and collaborations…and some serious tea breaks.

I get some moments of joy introducing the land and ‘home’ for the group on Big Island

Students who didn’t know each-other before the flight over now, are depending on one another, altering perspectives, and immersing in soils they never knew before now.

Some local instruction on planting rare or endangered plants on Big Island.

The Natural World needs new stewards and inspired youth and they need to come from everywhere, every blood type and continent. It is theirs’ to usher along safely and care for. It is done with a visceral immersion rather than theories. Theories can come later as can the conversations that sometimes complicate all immersions.

Our little family before the hands go into the soil

It is also a great way to prepare for my own upcoming autumn months to be spent in Himalayas, and the tea regions. It lifts the spirits immeasurably to see the slow forward bond develop and to see that it makes sense to the youth; this harmony with all that flies, grows, and resides out of enclosed walls. So many too, of the informal laws of the mountains, run parallel to the land here and the human relationship with it.

Night life

A bit of permaculture thrown in, some random conversations of how to live life, more tea…and of course the epic meals are interwoven here on Big Island.

Homes within the green with the Pacific providing the backdrop.

Our group of students range from Honolulu to some of the earthquake/Fuskishima ravaged lands in Japan. A pair of incredibly tuned in Okinawan students round out this bunch of bright sparks.

The dirt, caring for it, and what it can provide without a single drop of chemical.

Forward we go


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