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  • Jeff Fuchs

Tea Horse Road Chronicles - Walks and Words

“When you walk through mountains, you appreciate any arrival. When you walk to a place, you can speak about a place”.

An interview about the Tea Horse Road which turned into a sumptuous afternoon with tea about far more than a simple trade route through the sky. Speaking with this monk of his memories of life and travel along the great trade route through the Himalayas, the chat became more of a discourse on life, reverence of the natural world, and the way in which we choose to live and treat one another - it became a series of brilliant moments of listening, near the grand circle of gathering, Boudanath. Much of the thoughts and words were hinged upon the idea that if one was to survive and thrive as a trader, a journeyer, or a migrant, one needed to remain open to the world and to people. This "openness" though had a caveat. "When you are certain of something in the bones, you must be decisive before you get too clever and make excuses. It must be done at the moment it is clear."


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