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  • Jeff Fuchs

The Tea Explorer – Screening at Toronto Tea Festival

The Toronto Tea Festival will be hosting director Andrew Gregg and I for a special screening of our ‘Tea Explorer’ film at the upcoming Toronto Tea Festival on Friday February 2nd.

One of the makers of an extraordinary tea in the Himalayas…at a small truck stop in Himachal Pradesh. One cannot have tea, without the people.

Tea, Mountains, and some gabbing about life and the people along the one of the most magnificent and underrated Himalayan trails. The Tea Explorer is a journey into this old route which served as more than simply a trade route. Immigration route and highway through the sky, it was a dominant contributor to how the Himalayas were built. The world of snow, economics, and the world of spiritual influences all came into play upon this pathway, that many Tibetans called, ‘The Eternal Road’.

The leaves will be present for our screening.

We’ll commence the evening at 6:30pm for questions, tea talks, and some tea serving which will lead us to the film screening which will be showing from 7:20pm until 8:40pm. The Tea Explorer evening will be a chance to look at Puerh tea, the Ancient Tea Horse Road as well as the basics of shooting the film. Andrew is a provocative treat in full tea mode, so be warned.

Though I won’t be creating any teas at our evening, I will be serving!!

Tickets are available now for pre-booking here.


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