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Tribute Photos to a Year of Tea and Mountains – 2

A continuing of the epic characters, moments, and spaces of the past years in no particular order along with the requisite captions. To continue until the end of 2015…

Biari of the mountains is one of those whose words are reverent, tangible and entirely authentic. Having tended sheep in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, his observations are based upon living every moment within them. Intuition and an intimacy makes his thoughts and words those worth listening to. Our expedition team sat with him while he spoke of the mountains’ “health”. Sipping tea on a brittle morning he reminded us that what happens in the mountains, will inevitably affect the worlds further down. 55 of his 63 years have been spent in the valleys of the Chandra River watching wolves, blizzards, and sun rays touch his life.

One of the gentle but stirring moments was being hosted by a semi-nomadic family in western Sichuan. Their world was one of yak, of fire, and of winds. No part of their lives was untouched by this triumvirate of elements. Known for a ferocity in battle and a piousness of spirit, the Kham’pa’s of eastern Tibet were feared and revered in equal measure throughout the Tibetan Plateau. Unafraid to move and wander they left their mark genetically, economically, and culturally across the expanse of the Himalayas. A simple and understated moment brought into quick focus by our hosts’ face.

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