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Tribute Photos to a Year of Tea and Mountains – 6

Magnificent Raju, an old friend, and landscapes that are tortured and utterly narcotic. The Mountains’ and their people and spaces that moved the blood in 2015.

One of the great characters of the mountains, Raju. Porter, spirit of optimism despite everything, and now friend, he and his morning wake up of “rammm, rammm” (something that shepherds use in the mountains to urge their sheep on). Relentless, this father of 2 girls was my morning smile on the Glacier’s Breath expedition.

Drolma from Litang welcomed a team of us to her home for fire and tea…the utter essentials. Thirteen years have turned her into a woman who hasn’t forgotten the importance of knowing why her lands and traditions are important. Her home in the mountains, Litang, is one of the highest altitude cities in the world at over 4,200 metres.

Morning glory hits mountains. With Karma’s potent and ritualistic ginger tea in hand the day comes in and etches itself into the mind. Looking south out of the Bara Shigri Valley, where our camp upon the ice and moraine was part of 2015’s Glacier’s Breath expedition.

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