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  • Jeff Fuchs

Ebook of my “The Ancient Tea Horse Road” now – and finally – available

At long last an ebook version of  my ‘The Ancient Tea Horse Road‘ lives and breathes, making the whole tale a little more convenient and giving some of those incredible geographies and personalities another opportunity to shine, charm, and threaten.

Of considerable importance (and in answer to many, many requests) the ebook has a map, so the journey our team took will make a little more sense and will be put into a context.

Tenzin, his memories, memories and continued enthusiasm for the Tea Horse Road gave (and still give) the route, lifeblood

The ebook does contain images, but we are at work to create a more image intense version of the book including photographs of the route that were taken on the original journey as well as upon several more recent journeys along unchartered portions of the route.

Butter tea, whose very offering represents one of the timeless gifts of travel upon the Tibetan Plateau

The book retraces our team’s journey along the grand ‘route through the sky’; a route of memories, of mountains, and of course of that eternal Asian commodity, tea.

Tea...a simple green leaf, that had no real equal on the trade routes

From the mist-laden subtropics of southern Yunnan up, and onto the Tibetan Plateau, the route known as Gya’lam (wide road) to Tibetans, Cha Ma Dao (Tea Horse Road), to the Han people, and ‘The Eternal Road’ to the legions of traders and muleteers, lives again.

Yeshi, Jeffers, Dakpa, Tenzin, and Sonam in a rare moment of physical unity standing outside the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa

The read is apparently enhanced with a cup(s) of tea at hand.


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