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  • Jeff Fuchs

Expedition February 2012 – Ancient Trade Route to Sacred Mountain

One of the sites our eyes will take in upon the trek

Back to the comforting cold and silence of ‘Shangrila’ here in northwestern Yunnan in preparation for another Outpost Magazine exclusive. Revo Polarized sunglasses, Mountain Hardwear, and our own Jalamteas are sponsoring (and happily fuelling) a ‘western first’ along an ancient trade route here in Yunnan. Unusually intense snowfall this winter is going to make this a very winter-heavy expedition. Departure date is mid-February and the journey will include two venerable mountain guides who are local ‘mountain goats’. Updates to follow as well as an official press release…another journey to trace what are fast becoming disappearing legends – the ancient Himalayan trade routes.

Never far away in this part of the world are the crucial 'people' and their memories of the trade routes. It is the memories that give any journey its lifeblood.


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