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  • Jeff Fuchs

Explorers Club talk on the Tea Horse Road

Back in Canada for the month of August before returning to China in September.

With tea roaring around in the blood, I will be speaking tomorrow Friday, August, 10th to the Explorers Club in Toronto on that topic that gives me joy,  The Tea Horse Road.

A descendant from a trader who still carries his father's tale of the route poses in the skins that his father once wore traveling the route in northwestern Yunnan

Drinks (maybe not tea), dinner, and following that, my harmless rantings on that magic trade route through the sky.

36 Toronto Street, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario

MC5 2C5

Begins at 6 pm

Contact Mark Terry if you wish to attend

A bridge in central Tibet near Ala Jagung provides a crossing for our team


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