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  • Jeff Fuchs

Feature Article in Outpost Magazine – Tsa’lam – The nomadic route of salt.

To the entire creative team at Outpost Magazine, Canada’s award-winning adventure travel magazine who helped turn the Tsa’lam feature into one of their classics – a big thank you. To Wild China, whose patient support and award aided and smoothed the road to actually getting it done (the crucial part).  The Salt Road feature in Outpost Magazine is now out in Canada and available to order.

In honour of the feature article, posting some favourite moments that rekindle the ‘feel’ (and visuals) of the magnificent and humbling Tsa’lam – Salt Road. We also pay tribute to our little fighting terrier who joined, slept and combated with us…see below

Our little fighting terrier Fritz, who stuck with us (and slept with me) and demolished every being that gave us a moment of grief. We salute you

Moments are sometimes the best representatives as they are just that – moments of fancy, of a little pain and of what nature can offer up

One of our four-legged comrades gives a very unambiguous feeling of that morning thing...

 A lake at 4 km’s into the sky that remains silent

A lake at 4 km's in the sky entrances as much as any sea

 A mastiff whose ominous presence and blazing eyes belies a timid constitution

One of our unofficial 'honour guards' - a Tibetan Mastiff that decided that our journey just might tickle his fancy

Temperatures that quicken the pulse and turbo-charge changes of clothing

Cold made changes of clothes brief and desperate things done in a blur of noise. Here, one of my two changes on the Amne Machin section

 Winds that silence and valleys that permeate

Michael struts the stuff in a valley of the gods

 Soft landings, hard landings and just landing at all

The relief of impact and making it safely across I still am not sure the foot that has 'arrived' has in fact made has

 Ending looks…”are we done”?

Michael gives me the "I know it's over" look of joyous-desparation

 The simple and underrated feeling of autonomy in landscapes that wither the body

Nothing beats the mornings for beauty...nor freezing

 That last bit of land before calling it done

Our little moving home takes its last steps from beneath the south face of Amne Machin


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