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  • Jeff Fuchs

Himalayan Pashmina – The Journeys That Wool Took

Outpost Magazine just revisited a story I wrote about a series of trade routes that brought Pashmina wool from high in the Himalayas down into the market towns. Story is here.

A portion of a trade route that linked Ladakh’s corridors with regions further south. Pashmina, salt, and anything with value that could be packed was hauled along the route.

Along with salt, resin, and of course that wonderful stimulant fuel, tea, Pashmina was another of the commodities that allowed nomads and remote communities some autonomy.

Within the tent of a Karnak nomad, time speaking about Pashmina over tea with the headman

One of the great sources of Pashmina were two nomadic groups of Tibetans, the Rupshu and the Karnak.


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