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  • Jeff Fuchs

Interview with Love for Tea – The Tea Explorer

Love when the word ‘conversation’ is used instead of Interview. Had a wonderful ‘conversation’ with the eloquent Ruhani Sandhu of Rangsaa and Love for Teas about our upcoming Tea Explorer documentary film.

Jeff Fuchs with tea trader who appears in The Tea Explorer documentary film

No conversation in recent times could be had without referring to one of my very favourite people, Konga. Here a moment during one of our own conversations about the days of tea trade in Lo Manthang, Mustang, Nepal.

The conversations ( Part 1 here) touched on some of the more intricate and intimate aspects of travel, tea, and mountains. They touched too, upon the motivations of mine to document not simply tea, but also its wonderful stewards and journeys. We spoke a little of the our recent film, The Tea Explorer, and the joy in bringing the Tea Horse Road tale (and its simple origins) to light.

Jeff Fuchs with a tea trader's satchel. The Tea Explorer

I hold one of Konga’s ancient horse leather satchels that he took on his trade journeys through the Himalayas. He joyfully dug through his paraphernalia which was in remarkably good shape…perhaps in wait for his next journey.

The Himalayas too often are seen simply as vertical challenges and efforts, rather than as magnificent horizontal journeys and adventures.

Nilgiri Peak in Mustang, Nepal. The Tea Explorer

Too often the timeless horizontal journeys through the mountains have been ignored in favour of the vertical journeys of the modern age. Here, the sacred Nilgiri peak in Mustang peeks out of a hole in the clouds.

A pleasure chatting with Ruhani about those journeys.

Mule team in Himalayas - The Tea Explorer

Journeys need contributors of two legs, of four legs – here our mule team during a recent expedition near Garphu in northern Mustang


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