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Jalamteas Little Success Story Continues

With the New Year here in the present tense, we at Jalamteas wish to thank our sipping supporters who had a wonderful impact on our little venture of hand-sourcing rare Puerhs and getting them directly into your cups. We had buyers from seven countries purchase teas of our first Bada unfermented Puerh, and we’re now offering up a subscription model option here because of continued requests.

Lahu women of the Pulang Mountain area sort through dried tea leaves

Each month an entirely new Puerh, with a story of the people who cultivate and harvest it, an interactive ‘adventure link’ showing you where the tea is from, and some little pieces of wisdom from the indigenous pickers on what the teas are good for what ailments.

A Pulang elder looks at a leaf on an ancient tea tree and takes in far more information than anyone can know

We’ll continue to explore people, place, and plant, and continue to get great hard-to-find teas to you from Yunnan’s fabled southwest direct. Here’s to a tea-stained 2013.

The end result of a good session of slurping in Menghai: the leaves that gave delight, lie bare on a tea table

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