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  • Jeff Fuchs

Kawa Karpo Expedition feature in Outpost Magazine coming August 6th

Bill Roberts’ feature article of our February expedition to Kawa Karpo is set for an August 6th release date in Canada’s award-winning Outpost magazine. The story will document our successful attempt to be the first-ever Canadian team to make it to the sacred 4800 metre pass in Yunnan’s northwestern tip.

A pilgrimage footpath, trade route into the sky, and ancient migration route, the Tea Horse Road extended far into the Himalayas and beyond. Our destination was the fabled and daunting 'Sho'la' Pass, and our successful attempt made us the first documented Canadian team ever to make it.

A huge 20-plus-page feature with photos and notes from yours truly will accompany Bill’s article and Roberto Gibbons Gomez’s additional imagery.


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