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  • Jeff Fuchs

Kawa Karpo Expedition Feature out in Outpost Magazine’s edition #89

At long last the Kawa Karpo Expedition that Bill Roberts, Roberto Gibbons Gomez, myself and a titanic guide named Daba undertook and completed is out in tangible print in Canada’s award-winning adventure travel Outpost Magazine. It marks the first documented Canadian team to ascend the sacred pass along the legendary Tea Horse Road…and in February no less.

Our team (Dorje at left, Daba with mule, and Bill coming up on right) arrive to within site of Shola Pass and its icy slope

Bill’s words and wit, images of my own, and Roberto’s incorrigible energy run through a stunning 20 page feature in Outpost Magazine’s edition #89. Huge credit to the team at Outpost who makes our journeys that much more endearing. Huge thanks to our primary sponsor Revo Sunglasses. A thanks too to Mountain Hardwear, Zoomer Media, and GT Snowshoes for their sponsorship. A thank you too to Wild China Travel who backs up my buttocks on my journeys high and low.

Our understated but heroic Dashi with his breakfast hair

A link here to download and subscribe to Outpost online. Best enjoyed with a tea.

Editing our equipment at close to 4.5 kilometres in the sky to ensure that only essentials will be carried to the pass. The sun is dropping and with it the temperatures. Time in the mountains is something absolute.


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