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  • Jeff Fuchs

Kawa Karpo Expedition Updates

The ‘routes through the sky’ have long brought faith, economics and migration together in an unending stream of life

Our expedition has been generously joined by additional sponsorship and assistance from Canada’s  Zoomermedia, travelling ‘off the beaten path’ gurus  WildChina and now Canada’s own GV snowshoes.

For centuries mule, mortals and mountains have collided and cooperated along the great trade routes at the top of the world

We are greatly humbled and encouraged that an expedition of this nature – a journey along an ancient pilgrimage-trade route, a journey to recapture and peek into an ancient route when mules and men (and mountains) were inseparable – warrants support. We acknowledge and thank all who have contributed in anyway to bringing a vital cultural icon of Himalayan travel and life back, if ever so briefly, into the present.

Our ultimate destination, the daunting and magnificent Shola – the snow pass that according to locals (and my own recollections) “has two faces” lying just north of the mighty Kawa Karpo


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