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  • Jeff Fuchs

Our ‘The Tea Explorer’ Doc Film Gets Some Blushing Reviews

After much time, edits, permits, scoring the music and still more editing down from the team at 90th Parallel Productions, our first airing of The Tea Explorer took place on July 23rd. The first reviews are in.

Film critic John Doyle from the Globe and Mail  called ‘The Tea Explorer” 

“Visually sumptuous”.


“The program, made by Andrew Gregg, is an enchantingly successful hybrid of adventure tale and extravagant celebration of tea and you will never be blasé about tea again after seeing it”.

for a full review see here

One of the many characters along the Tea Horse Road. This monk from near Dzogong in Eastern Tibet aided our team with directions and information about the routing of tea.

Two more airings have been added to CBC’s Doc Channel Programming, and I’ll be updating as I know more of the workings of film screenings, and air dates on TV.

A Hani tea harvester near Menghai.

As always, a bow of thanks to the mountains, to the skies, to the leaves and characters, and to those of you that have followed these many journeys over these many years.

A moment in Lo Manthang, Mustang, just after I receive a Kata (scarf offering) from a muleteer and tea trader, Konga. Konga was first met when our film team were shooting the film The Tea Explorer and this photo was taken within his little bedroom. A massive prayer wheel sits patiently beside his bed.


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