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  • Jeff Fuchs

Our “The Tea Explorer” doc film wins Silver World Award

Chuffed that our recent documentary “The Tea Explorer” just won a Silver World Award at this year’s 2018 New York Festivals International TV and Film awards in the History and Society category.

Interviewing a Tibetan tea trader who’s passions of the Tea Horse Road delighted as his memories became clearer. Part of our task of The Tea Explorer was to pay tribute to memories of the route that had seldom been written down.

Some gratitude to Canada’s own national broadcaster CBC’s Doc Channel for taking a plunge of telling a tale of a stimulant leaf, an ancient trade route through the Himalayas and a tea junkie.

Deep thanks too, to the fearless engine Andrew Gregg who directed conceived and pursued this project from the outset.

Lastly, a thank you to 90th Parallel Productions who produced this.

Disintegrating but elegant, the old castle in the ancient capital of Tsarang in Mustang, where our crew of The Tea Explorer happily bedded down.

The Tea Explorer journeys will continue to continue to document what is left of the memories of the great trade routes through the sky – all of course to be fuelled by tea.


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