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  • Jeff Fuchs

Tea Explorer Extended Run – On CBC’s Doc Channel

We’re delighted to announce that our documentary film The Tea Explorer film is getting an additional airing on Sunday Sept, 10th at 9 pm ET/10 PT on CBC’s Doc Channel in Canada. Best taken with a cup of leaves and water in close proximity to the hand. I’ve been hearing from people in the US about the film being shown on AWE tv as well.

Below a couple of the inspiring characters when telling the story of the Tea Horse Road.

Mother of Ajo of Litang and known to many as simply as ‘Ama’ (mother)…it was her fiercely potent churned butter teas (and tales) that helped to inspire a journey along the great Himalayan tea routes.

Tea Explorer within a nomadic yak wool tent

Upon that clay stove out of the winds in a yak tent, many a churned tea offerings were sipped. That wonderful woman prepared teas with a particular zest that fuelled many a journey for me.

We’ve been excited that many who’ve written us have expressed their joy at the story-telling, adventure aspect of the film and how that old ‘art’ of listening and passing on tales is emphasized. Tea’s ‘adventure’ and its journeys are the stuff of odysseys and the human touch along those journeys was vital. That seems to be coming through in the film and we are stoked.

The Tea Explorer visits with some of the last remaining tea traders and muleteers

The irrepressible Konga, trader of Lo Manthang in northern Mustang…a legend in the true sense of the word and a huge part of our film. During an interview I sit next to him as he waxes about the days of trade and of tea…I could listen for weeks to his tales and memories.

Let us know if you’ve seen the film and your thoughts. We’ll continue to update as the film travels, and expands its viewing options. It goes without say that we’re thankful of the support (silent and otherwise) that the film has received. Much much more to come.


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