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  • Jeff Fuchs

Tea’s Last Guardians – The Himalayan Muleteers and the Tea Horse Road

Joining the storied Royal Geographical Society here in London as they host my upcoming talks: Tea’s Last Guardians – The Himalayan Muleteers, this upcoming Monday and Tuesday. A magnificent venue to rant on about two great fuels: tea and mountains…and their epic custodians whose grand work rarely gets a worthwhile bit of mention.

Monday, March 21st at the RGS headquarters and a follow up presentation put on by the RGS for the City Lecture Series on Tuesday March 22nd, will allow for some rants on the landscapes and personalities upon the Tibetan Plateau. The Gya-lam (Tea Horse Road), the Ancient Road of Salt (Tsa-lam), and the Pashmina Route (Hor-lam) will also be introduced.


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