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  • Jeff Fuchs

The Tea Explorer Film to Screen at Hawaii International Film Festival

On November 6th, our documentary, The Tea Explorer, will show at the Hawaii International Film Festival. Tea’s origins and that wonderful Puerh version of the leaf along with the Tea Horse Road will be the focus as we continue to open this great route to more light and attention.

The Tea Explorer Sips

I’ll be there in full tea swoon to introduce the film, after having a tea tasting, and will be doing a Q&A afterwards. Delighted that our tea-fuelled documentary is sharing the screen with so many films and so many new and upcoming Asian filmmakers.

The Tea Explorer Memories

Memories, Leaves, and the mountains of the ‘Eternal Route’, the Ancient Tea Horse Road. This space saw salt and tea pass through its vast spaces.

An additional screening will take place on November 18th on the Big Island in Hilo. Wonderful to imagine the leaf, mountains, and memories of the route appearing in the middle of the Pacific.

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